Unleash Your Confidence



Unleash Your Confidence is a practical guide to discovering ways for you to be the best that you can be through tackling the root causes limiting you from being your best self.
Nohémie Mawaka is a public health graduate working in the developing world within the scope of women's health. As one who loves others, and finds joy in inspiring other young people of her age bracket to find their authentic voice and identity, for them to use that as a tool to inspire others. Over the past few months, Nohémie has developed an online platform (www.nohemie.co) that seeks to speak on health, entrepreneurship and inspire others to reach their highest potential. Unleash Your Confidence is the fruit of ongoing conversations with other youth and young professionals who struggle with shutting down the negative voices in their heads telling them that they are not good enough. Allow Unleash Your Confidence to awaken the triumphs and victories that you hold, to ultimately liberate yourself.